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My main commitment both professionally and individually, is to care for your wellbeing and relieve the tensions of daily life through Sports, Swedish or Deep tissue massage. Allowing you to achieve a sense of balance and good health, through Body, Mind, and spirit. Ultimately improving your chances to a better quality of life, (particularly if you have been in pain over a long time) move better, feel better is at the core of Massage Wellbeing!


Massage helps you get in touch with yourself, be at peace, body and mind, and get in the present moment.  Modern society isn’t set up for this, it’s always pushing us to keep onto the next thing - it’s not good for our psyche! So why not give your mind and body a break, and take some well-deserved time for yourself - book an appointment today!


I enjoy educating people about their health and bodies, as well as the positive therapeutic benefits of massage, so they can make well informed decisions about their health and integrate massage within their well-being program. I have a natural ability to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable, I am passionate about delivering high quality and effective treatments with utmost care! 


I believe there is a strong relationship between emotions and their manifestations in your whole being . Massage can help to relax your mind, which has a profound effect on the physiological processes of the body. These two are given much attention throughout your session to create a holistic – clinical approach and improve your wellbeing to relieve physical and emotional stress. 


My Massage style has a natural rhythm and flow, I use a combination of massage techniques; Sports, Swedish, and a mix of pressures in one session, (depending on your needs and preferences) to leave your body fully relaxed, rejuvenated and in a calm state of mind. I’m firm in the places that you need and gentle everywhere else! 


Every treatment I give is different, as my treatment is personalised and focused on your unique circumstances and needs. I believe in building strong therapeutic relationships with my clients and work to build your co-operation, motivation and confidence to achieve successful, lasting health outcomes. Helping you to feel and function better, therefore improving your health and wellbeing. 


So whether you’re looking for deep pressure, or a soothing relaxing treatment, or even a brilliant dynamic mix between the two, YOU have the choice – I am equally good for both!

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